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Course Planning

Online course planning can only be done by existing (current) students between specific dates.  Please refer to the information given to you by the counsellors.  More information can be found under Students>Student Portal.


Course Planning Guide Gr 9 2020-2021.pdf

Course Planning Guide Gr 10-12 2020-2021.pdf

Selection Sheet Gr 8 into 9.pdf

Selection Sheet Gr 9 into 10.pdf

Selection Sheet grade 11-12.pdf

Selection Sheet Ball Academy.pdf



MyEd instructions for course planning can be found on this website by going to the home page and selecting Student>Student Portal Instructions.

Course Selection Website:


***** NEW STUDENTS *****


You CANNOT do your course planning online.  Please complete the appropriate "selection sheet" above and submit it with your registration package.  You must choose eight (8) classes and two (2) alternates.  Refer to the "Course Planning Guides" for information on courses.


IMPORTANT -  Counsellors do not work during the summer months (July/August).  After completing and submitting your course selections (with your registration package), if you feel you need to talk to a counsellor, there will be course change appointments available when they return in the fall.  Dates will be communicated to you in the letter that comes out from the school near the end of the summer break.