Frequently Asked Questions


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New Student AbbySchools Email Instructions


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I’m a new student.  How do I log in to MyEd to see my information?

If you are new to the school from in Province, then your student number will be the same as it always was.  Try using the following password    Yale2024$      (case sensitive).  If it does not work, then email and ask for a password reset.  A new temporary password will be emailed back to you.

If you are new to the school and from out-of-province, please email and ask for a password reset.  The email that will be sent to you will contain the user log-in (student number) and the new temporary password. This will not be available until the end of August.

All other instructions on using the student portal are available on the Yale Secondary School website under students > student portal instructions.   



Can I get a MyEd Student Portal Password Reset?

  • THE MYED STUDENT PORTAL IS NOT AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS DURING THE MONTH OF AUGUST!  Passwords cannot be reset when the program is unavailable.  

  • Password reset requests must be sent to and must be requested by the student from their “” email account.  No passwords will be reset at a parent’s request.  If you are a new student who does not yet have a “" account, please send your email from your personal account.
  • Passwords are reset during normal school hours only.  If you are requesting outside of school hours, please be patient and wait for your reset.  Please do not send multiple requests.  Your email will be processed on the next school day.
  • All new temporary passwords are emailed to the student’s Abbyschools email.  If you have requested a reset, please check your Abbyschools email (including your junk folder).  If you are a new student and have sent a password reset request from your personal email, the password reset will be sent to that email.
  • In August, when MyEd is shut down (more about that below), passwords cannot be reset.  You will be notified when the program is available to you again, and at that time, passwords can be reset.



Why can’t I get onto the MyEd student portal in August?

In August, MyEd BC is shut down for the yearly Rollover and Maintenance.  Neither school districts nor parents/students will have access to the program at this time.

On the home page of the MyEd website, there will be an alert stating that the program will be up and running on a specific date but this date is for schools and district employees only.  There is a great deal that needs to be completed before school begins so parents/students will be given access after this work is complete.

In late August, Yale’s annual summer letter is emailed to all Yale families.  All of the school start-up information is in this letter including informing you as to when MyEd will be available to students again.  Please do not try to access the student portal, or request a password reset when the program is unavailable.



What happens if I change my mind and want to change my courses over the Summer?

Counsellors do not work in the summer.  In late August, Yale’s annual summer letter is emailed to all Yale families.  All of the school start-up information is in this letter including an outline of the dates and times that counsellors will be available for course changes.  That is when you will be able to make your request for a change.



It is summer break, but I would like to see my schedule.  When can I log on to get it?

Student timetables are not finalized until the end of August.  Once counsellors return to work, there is still balancing that needs to be done as well as fixing issues that may arise.

In late August, Yale’s annual summer letter is emailed to all Yale families.  All of the school start-up information is in this letter including when your timetable will be available for you to look at.  Please write it down or print it out, as timetables will NOT be printed for distribution on the first day of school.

After viewing your timetable, you realize you need a course change.  Please see the question above for information on course changes.



I’m new to the catchment area (or new to Abbotsford).  How do I register for school?

Yale is a closed catchment school.  Any student living IN our catchment is entitled to attend our school.

Please visit the “Registrations” tab on our website to review the process for registering here.  You will be contacted via email within 5-10 business days and if you have not had a response from us within those 2 weeks, please email again to make sure that we received your registration package.



What if I do not live in the Yale catchment area, but would like to attend Yale Secondary?

  • If you do not live in the Yale catchment area, you must have District approval to attend here.  If you live in Abbotsford, but not in the Yale catchment, you must complete an In District Non-Catchment form which is provided under the “Registration” tab on our website.  This form must be signed by your catchment Principal and submitted to Yale with your most recent report card.
  • If you do not live in Abbotsford, you must complete an Out-of-District request which is provided under the “Registration” tab on our website.  This form must be submitted to Yale with a copy of the student’s most recent report card.
  • The district will review all Non-Catchment and Out of District requests and confirm with families of their decision by the end of June.  After that, the final review is not done until the end of the first week of school in September.  If you were not approved before June, you must stay registered at your current school until that approval has been received.
  • Please note that if you are approved for a Non-Catchment or Out-of-District request, a new request must be made by following the process above and be approved by the District EVERY YEAR.  Approval is for one year only.



I am new to the school.  Is there an orientation or a school tour?

In late August, Yale’s annual summer letter is emailed to all Yale families.  All of the school start-up information is in this letter including information on the grade 9 orientation and new student school tour.

Apart from the summer letter, a special invitation will be emailed to all grade nine families with information regarding the orientation day.



Does Yale have a school supply list?

No, Yale does not have a school supply list like middle schools do.  Please have your child attend the first day of school with a binder, paper and something to write with.  During the rotation through classes, your child will be told if they need anything special for that class.



I’m part of a sport academy, where do I find out information on where to go, where to order clothing from etc.?

All questions specifically related to sport academies can be emailed to and answered by the teacher in charge of that academy.



What kind of information is in Yale’s annual summer letter?

  • What day does school start and what does that day look like?  When will I be dismissed?

  • What will the daily block schedule be?

  • When can I get onto MyEd and look at my schedule?

  • It will have information regarding the Grade 9 Orientation and new student tour.

  • It will have information on course change request dates and times.

  • BYOD (Bring your own device) information.



How do I access the MyEd student portal?

Instructions and information on the MyEd student portal can be found on this website under “students > student portal instructions”.



What is the “student handbook”?

The student handbook contains all kinds of information about school procedures, policies, awards, and much more.  You can find the handbook on the Yale website under “students > student information”.  It is recommended that every family read through the student information.



I’ve graduated and need a transcript.  How do I get a copy?

To receive a copy of your transcript or have one sent to a Post-Secondary Institution, you must order it from the Ministry of Education’s transcript service.  Information on how to do that can be found on this website under “students > student transcript service”.  You will need to know your PEN number which was on the top of every report card you received throughout the school year as well as any school transcript you received over your graduating year.

If you still don’t know what your PEN number is, there is a form on the transcript service website that can be filled out and submitted to get your PEN number.  The other way is to email and ask for your PEN number.  In the email, you must include your full name, DOB and year of graduation.  You will receive a response within 1-3 business days.



I think I should have received an Honour Roll certificate, but didn't?

First, check the criteria in the student handbook on the Yale website to ensure that you qualified.  Honour Roll certificates are emailed out to parent/guardian email addresses so ask your parents to check their email, including their junk folders.

If you still believe you have met the requirements and did not receive a certificate, please email  Make sure you give us your full name, grade and which semester you are inquiring about.