Registration & New Student Information


The first day for Registrations for the 2024-2025 school year is February 1, 2024.


If you have questions, please email them to

Before you start, please click here to confirm that you live in the Yale Secondary catchment area. In order to attend Yale Secondary, you must live in our catchment or have requested and received approval from the District Office.

  1. Registration packages must be submitted by Parents / Guardians. Registrations submitted by students will not be accepted.
  2. Please make sure your registration package is complete. There is a checklist included in the documents at the bottom of the page. Every registration package must include all required documents. Two (2) proof of address documents must be included even if you are approved to attend Yale from out of our catchment area.
  3. It is district policy that you MUST supply two (2) proof of address documents no matter where you live.  One from each of the two categories is required and they must be up to date.
  4. If your child has a designation or needs extra support, please make sure you communicate those needs in the email when you send in the registration package.


  5. Please note in your email or on the registration form if it is an academy registration and state which academy (Softball, Baseball or Hockey).

Required Proof of Address Document #1:  Mortgage Document, Rental or Lease Agreement, Property Sale Agreement, Property Tax Notice, Utility Bill or Home Insurance Document.

Required Proof of Address Document #2: Child Tax Credit Statement, Current Income Tax Assessment, Vehicle Insurance Papers, Current year T4 or other government document.  ** Driver’s Licenses will NOT be accepted.

We recommend completed registration packages  be emailed to  with the word “registration” in the subject line.

***Registrations are processed during regular school hours only.***

Common Problems with registration packages: 

  • Missing report card.  Yale will not contact prior schools for report cards, that is the responsibility of the parent.
  • Missing proof of address documents.  One is required from each of the two sections.  2 documents from one section is not acceptable.  If there is a problem supplying these, please let us know the reason in an email.
  • Rental / Lease agreements.  We need the pages with the address, the dates and the signatures.  Less than this is not acceptable.
  • Course Planning.  Student course requests should be submitted with the registration package.  Changes can be made after consultation with counsellors if need be. Please see the course planning tab on this website, under "Students" > "Student Information" drop down menu > "Course Planning".
  • In District - Non-catchment forms must be signed by the catchment Principal.  No exceptions.  Even if you have never attended that school.


If you have not submitted your registration package before the week prior to school starting, your child will likely not be able to attend school the first week back in September.