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If you would like to contact an administrator,  counsellor, office staff, or a specific teacher with a question, please email them directly by visiting the Staff Page  

(Note: Teachers are only available to meet outside of instructional hours - emailing them to set up a meeting time is preferred).

If you wish to excuse your child for absences, please phone 1-844-487-3701  or you can use the SAFE ARRIVAL APP  or you can phone PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE ABSENCE INFORMATION.

IMPORTANT:  If you receive a phone call stating that your child was absent when they weren't, please have your child speak to their teacher(s).  The office staff are not permitted to change attendance that has been recorded by a teacher so the teacher must make the correction.

For questions/requests having to do with Registration, PEN numbers, Student Info Changes, Records Requests or MYED Password resets - please email our student records clerk

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to excuse your child for absences, PLEASE USE THE SAFE ARRIVAL APP. Emails with absence information will not be processed. 

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