Core Competencies

Semester reflection instructions for myBlueprint

Link: Core Competencies Instruction and Guide.pdf

Student guideline for core competencies

The Core Competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, social and emotional proficiencies that all students are required to engage in as part of their educational journey. They are central to British Columbia’s K-12 curriculum and assessment system and are designed to support students in their growth as educated citizens.  

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  • Students are responsible for assessing their own growth in the Core Competencies. At Yale we are using to help build your 4-year core competency growth portfolio.  

  • Students are required to complete two formal reflections per semester. This will mean at least 16 formal reflections by the time you graduate which will be used as part of your grade 12 Careers Capstone Project (a graduation requirement).  

  • Students can complete a formal reflection based on any one or multiple assignments, projects, or class activities from any one or multiple classes from that semester.  

  • It is goal is to try to cover all the core competencies gradually over the 4 years and demonstrate your growth.    

  • Your teachers may choose to suggest certain projects or class activities as good evidence of a particular competency. But ultimately it is up to you as an individual to build and choose what this portfolio will look like.   

  • Click on the following link to view a more detailed page of the core competencies and the assisting I Can Statements: Core Competencies.pdf