Learning Services Department



Student Eligibility for Program

  • Student must be experiencing behavioural difficulties OR social/emotional problems that interfere with their progress.

Referral Process

  • Referral is done through counsellors, or administrators, to the School Based Team.

Purpose of Program

  • To help students be successful and provide a sanctuary within the school setting. The Traverse staff act as advocates for the students.

Some Approaches Used in This Program

  • Provide emotional support
  • Assist with teacher/administrator conflicts
  • Monitor academic progress and behaviour in classes
  • Communicate and collaborate with staff, parents, and other agencies
  • Teach pro-social skills
  • Actively assist any teacher experiencing student behavioural difficulties in the classroom

For information contact Mr. Cam Smith or Mr. Clay Radons



Referral Process

  • Referral to counsellor, testing at school and district level, and screening by district committee.

Purpose of Program

  • To support integration and to provide instruction in basic academic subjects to students for whom integration is not appropriate.
  • To prepare students for meaningful assimilation into the work force through work experience activities.

For information contact TBA



Student Eligibility for Program

  • Must meet ministry criteria for the Mild Intellectual Disability category.

Student Eligibility for Program

  • Must meet ministry criteria for the Moderate Intellectual Disability category. Students will have qualified for this program in elementary school.

Purpose of Program

  • To prepare students and assist them in becoming independent and confident members of society. To provide academic and social support to students based on individual needs. Students are integrated as much as possible with support from the teacher assistants and the program teacher. When necessary, course material is modified and the student is presented with various methods by which to master it. Teaching of personal living skills and strategies to resolve frustration and stress is integral to the program.

For information contact Mr. Colin Colquhoun



These programs provide academic support to students who are designated as having a learning disability and to those who qualify for learning assistance support. Some students with physical or chronic health problems also receive support through these programs.

Referral Process for New Students

  • Through counsellor, or administrator, to School Based Team. Referral form available from counsellors.

Support Services Delivery

Academic Support is normally delivered to students by one or more of the following methods:

  • During the student’s scheduled resource room block by the resource teacher.
  • In the regular classroom by the teacher after consultation with the resource teacher.
  • Peer tutor provides assistance to the student in the regular class.
  • Student goes to resource room for part of the class to receive assistance or write exams.
  • A teacher assistant provides support in the regular classroom. Teacher assistant time is very limited and is assigned to the most “needy” students.
  • Resource teacher monitors progress of students through consultation with classroom teacher(s) and periodic meetings with the students.

Student Requirements for Continuing Support

To determine if they are eligible to receive continuing Resource Room support, students will be individually evaluated at the end of each semester according to the following criteria:

  • Good attendance and punctuality.
  • Met with classroom teachers
  • Completed homework on a regular basis.
  • Made good use of time in the resource room.
  • Did not distract or negatively impact the learning of others in the Resource Room.

For information contact:
Mr. Rod White
Mr. Kenton Falls
Mrs. Melissa Toews