Learning Services Services


We have a team of teachers, counsellors, youth care workers, and educational assistants that provide students with the support that they might need, whether that be academic, social-emotional, behavioural, or cultural. There are a wide variety of students that are supported through our programs here at Yale. Enrollment in most of these programs are referred directly through the counselling department. If you are interested to learn more about any specific programs or whether or not you might be eligible to participate in one of these programs, please speak to your counsellor.



If you have consistent difficulty with your academic classes, you may be eligible for academic support through our Learning Support Services department. There are a wide variety of students that we support through support blocks and through specific case management. There are supports that we can provide in the classroom through educational assistants (EAs), peer tutors, and facilitated teacher communication, but there are also dedicated support blocks that we can offer to students who need additional time and instruction in their course work. Support blocks are designed as a specific support outside of the learning that happens in their regular classroom. The structure of a support block will be determined by the teacher, but time may be spent on homework completion, academic skill building, self-regulation, study and organization habits, and more – all of which can help you do your best and be successful in your academic classes! If you think you may qualify for a support block, please speak directly to your counsellor or any of the following support teachers.

Teacher Ms. Melissa Toews melissa.toews@abbyschools.ca
Teacher Mr. Rod White rod.white@abbyschools.ca
Teacher Mr. David Blades david.blades@abbyschools.ca



We are here to provide you with support and to advocate for your needs in the school. Should you require help communicating with your teachers, someone to vent to, or someone to help you cope through a wave of anxiety, we are here for you. To provide a safe environment, free from all judgement, where students can feel safe to explore coping strategies necessary to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, all the while receiving social emotional and academic support. To receive a timetabled support block in Lotus, please talk to your counsellor.

Teacher Mr. Brendan Ha brendan.ha@abbyschools.ca
Youth Care Worker Ms. Katie Savage katie.savage@abbyschools.ca



The purpose of this program is to help students be successful and provide a sanctuary within the school setting. The Traverse staff act as advocates for the students. Some approaches used in this program:

- Provide emotional support
- Assist with teacher/administrator conflicts
- Monitor academic progress and behaviour in classes
- Communicate and collaborate with staff, parents, and other agencies
- Teach pro-social skills
- Actively assist any teacher experiencing student behavioural difficulties in the classroom

For information contact:
Teacher Mr. Clay Radons clayton.radons@abbyschools.ca
Youth Care Worker Ms. Hayley Davey hayley.davey@abbyschools.ca



The Indigenous program aims to support students who identify as Indigenous in their school life. This is done through a variety of methods such as:
- Social and emotional support
- Cultural enhancement programs
- Assisting with communication between students, teachers, caregivers
- Direct academic interventions

For more information contact:
Teacher for Indigenous Success Ms. Jessica Richardson jessica.richardson@abbyschools.ca
Indigenous Support Worker Ms. Cyndi Orth cyndi.orth@abbyschools.ca
Indigenous Support Worker Ms. Rachael Riggs rachael.riggs@abbyschools.ca



This specific program helps create an inclusive environment for designated learners to achieve individual goals, work ready skills/experience and also a connection to the school’s culture and peer network.
- To support integration and to provide instruction in basic academic subjects
- Scaffold learning for independence lifestyle and transportation
- Connect students to outside community agencies, businesses and organizations
- To prepare students for meaningful assimilation into the workforce through work experience activities while demonstrating new skills

For information, contact: Mr. Tanner Wellington tanner.wellington@abbyschools.ca



Purpose of Program: To prepare students and assist them in becoming independent and confident members of society. To provide academic and social support to students based on individual needs. Students are integrated as much as possible with support from the special education assistants and the program teacher. When necessary, course material is modified and the student is presented with various methods by which to master it. Teaching of personal living skills and strategies to resolve frustration and stress is integral to the program.

For information, contact: Mr. Colin Colquhoun colin.colquhoun@abbyschools.ca



Yale’s Homework Club is a self-referral process whereby students can access academic assistance in the Learning Commons after school. The club meets each day Monday – Thursday from 2:30 to 3:45 pm.

For information, contact: Mr. Rod White rod.white@abbyschools.ca