Convocation & Rehearsal

 Grad Ceremony Rehearsal – you need to be there                            
Place: Abbotsford Centre
Parking: Parking is free

  • Grads need to see where to go, what line-up you are in and who you are standing beside. We also need all the bodies there so we can see how you will fit in the rows.
  • You will receive your cap and gown.
  • You will also have to learn the procedure for crossing the stage. You will be nervous enough as it is, so let’s practice!

Convocation Tickets                                                                       

Family and friends will require invitations to watch you cross the stage. Each student will receive two invitations included in the grad fee.

Here is the procedure for obtaining invitations:
Pick up your two invitations at lunch from Mr. Caron; listen for the announcements. You must have paid your grad fees and all other school fees. 

  • ​​​​​​If you need more invitations, they may be purchased online in SchoolCash for $10.00 each.

Grad Ceremony                                                                                  

Time:   (Doors open at  )
Place: Abbotsford Centre

Parking: Parking is free

Grads, please be there by 9:45 am. Do NOT be LATE! 

 Things to know:                                                                                  
Come to the ceremony dressed in your gown with clothes underneath. This is a formal ceremony, so come dressed in dress pants, black dress shoes, dress shirt, skirts or dresses. 

How to wear your cap & gown: