Emergency Procedures

1. Fire Alarm 

During class time: 
-Students and staff must exit the building with their teacher and report with their teacher to their teacher’s designated area on the main field for attendance.  

During non-instructional time  
-If an evacuation is called during non-instructional time such as, transitions and lunch, all students and staff are to report to your most recent class teacher on the main field. 

Before and after school 
Students and staff must exit the building and report to their first/last period class teacher’s designated area on the main field. 

Students on a scheduled study block report to Mr. Dekleva on the main field. 

REMEMBER to treat all fire alarms as a fire and evacuate the building. Students caught pulling an alarm will be face serious consequences and may face police charges as per the Fire Department regulations. 

2. Earthquake procedure 


When the ground starts shaking  
-Students, teachers and staff should immediately “Drop, Cover and Hold On” where they are.  
-If you are not near a desk or table, drop to the floor against an interior wall and protect your head and neck with your arms.  
-Avoid exterior walls, windows, hanging objects, mirrors, tall furniture and large appliances.  
-Teachers and staff should reassure students by calling out a reminder to “Drop, Cover and Hold On.” Lead by example.  
-Count aloud with the class until the shaking stops to distract students and provide comfort.    
-Once the shaking has stopped, all students and staff are to follow the directions of thier teacher. Depending on the degree of the earthquake, everyone might evacuate to the main field.                                                      

When the shaking stops  
-Count to 60 before moving so anything that’s come loose has time to settle.  
-Be aware of your surroundings. Objects may have shifted in the shaking. 
-Suggest that while under a sturdy desk or table, students and teachers look around at what might fall on them in a real earthquake. These should be secured or moved after the drill. 

3. Lock Down & Shelter in Place: 

All students and staff shall remain in the school and classroom and are not permitted to leave without approval.  Ignore class change bell until further notice. 

4. Lockdown 

Students are to remain “locked in classroom” until “all clear” is announced. If a student is not already in a class, they will  immediately report to the nearest classroom. If outside of building, they will seek refuge at Fraser Middle or ARC depending on which is safest. If a fire alarm rings during a Lockdown, do not evacuate unless you smell smoke.