Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Course Description Guide 24-25

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AP Program                                                                         First Peoples Course Brochure - colour.pdf

BC's Graduation Program                                                 Learning Services Support.pdf

Career Programs.pdf                                                         Math-Information and Pathways.pdf

Counsellors and Study Block Criteria.pdf                      Outside Credits and Scholarships.pdf

Fine Art and Applied Skill Requirement list.pdf          Secondary Courses with Indigenous Focus.pdf


NEW STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: regardless of the grade you're entering, you must complete the paper course planning sheet - you will not be able to do this online.


Entering Grade 9 Course Planning 

Course Descriptions-Grade 9.pdf

Information for Grade 9

Selection Sheet Gr 8 into 9.pdf

Course Planning Presentation Video Grade 9 (Coming April 10th)


Entering Grade 10 Course Planning 

Information for Grade 10

Selection Sheet Gr 9 into 10.pdf

Course Planning Presentation Video Grade 10


Entering Grade 11 Course Planning 

Information for Grade 11

Selection Sheet grade 10-11.pdf

Course Planning Presentation Video Grade 11


Entering Grade 12 Course Planning 

Information for Grade 12

Selection Sheet grade 11-12.pdf

Course Planning Presentation Video Grade 12


Sport Academy Course Planning

Selection Sheet Academy.pdf