Study Resources

Library Learning Resources

The school library is the centre for an incredible amount of learning. Open before school, all day and after school, our library is the hub of the most important student activities in our school: reading, thinking and writing! A variety of resources including multi visual media, computers and books are available to students. Students may borrow materials throughout the year but all library books must be returned by May 24th.

Internet and World Wide Web

Access to Internet is available to students from our library and computer labs. All students who wish to have access must complete a services agreement every year that is designed by the School District. Once completed, a copy of the contract will be kept on file. The district has identified very specific terms and conditions of use that must be strictly adhered to by all students accessing Internet and World Wide Web from the school. Please contact the school office if you would like more information.

Yale Website

The Yale website is divided a number of sections. We post daily announcements and current happenings on the HOME page. Yale Mail (school newsletter) can be found under PARENTS and teacher contact information can be found under STAFF. We endeavour to keep the website as current as possible and hope that you find it a good source of information.

Homework Club

Student who need extra time or support in their academic studies are encouraged to attend Homework Club. It runs after school Monday to Thursday, 2:30 – 3:45.