Test Prep & Organization

The above skills are critical to the success of all students at Yale.  Mastering them does take time and energy but will go a long way towards paying worthwhile dividends now and in the future.  The following links will discuss each of these topics and give great suggestions for students to maximize their progress at Yale with hard work and proper planning for success.

This is a comprehensive collection of strategies from the web to assist with studying, test taking, and organizational skills. This material is excellent and comes from Virginia Tech University.  It contains practical strategies that are applicable in high school.

Follow the link to the appropriate section then right click and 'open hyperlink'. Good luck!

Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips
 -Learn the most effective test taking strategies.

Study Skills & Tips
 - Learn the most effective studying techniques.

Note Taking
 - Find out the best and most efficient way to take class notes.

Cramming Techniques
 - Learn what to do when you have a very limited time before your test.

Reducing Test Anxiety
 - Learn strategies on how to reduce test taking anxiety.

Test Taking Tips for Parents
 - Tips for parents to help their kids improve their test taking skills.

* Thank you to 'TestTakingTips.com'