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PLEASE NOTE: Former students should go to the Ministry of Education’s new ‘Student Transcript Service’ to order a transcript.  This will be the most up-to-date transcript.

****You will need your Personal Education Number to place an order.

To obtain your PEN number, there is an application and form at this link.

If you already know your PEN number, you can go directly to the Transcript Service page at:


If you have to order a transcript from Yale Secondary, you may purchase transcripts for $7.50 each.  Payment must be made at 

Make sure you keep a copy or your receipt.


Once you have paid, you must complete your order by emailing with:

  • A copy of your receipt
  • Legal first name
  • Legal last name (when you graduated)
  • your year of graduation
  • how many transcripts you paid for
  • The complete address of where you would like them mailed, or if you would like to pick them up.  You will receive an email to confirm they are ready, or have been mailed.