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AP Program                                                                      First Peoples Course Brochure - colour.pdf

BC's Graduation Program                                               Learning Services Support.pdf

Career Programs.pdf                                                       Math - Information and Pathways.pdf

Counsellors and Study Block Criteria.pdf                     Outside Credits and Scholarships.pdf

Fine Art and Applied Skill Requirement list.pdf         Secondary Courses with Indigenous Focus.pdf



Sport Academy Selection Sheet

Selection Sheet Academy.pdf



Entering Grade 9 Course Planning 2022 - 2023

Course Descriptions-Grade 9.pdf

Information for Grade 9

Selection Sheet Gr 8 into 9.pdf

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Entering Grade 10 Course Planning 2022 - 2023

Information for Grade 10

Selection Sheet Grade 9 into 10

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Entering Grade 11 Course Planning 2022 - 2023

Information for Grade 11

Selection Sheet Grade 10 into 11

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Entering Grade 12 Course Planning 2022 - 2023

Information for Grade 12

Selection Sheet Grade 11 into 12

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