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Online Course Planning

Online course planning can only be done by existing (current) students between specific dates.  Please refer to the information given to you by the counsellors.  More information can be found under Students>Student Portal.


Log on to MyEd BC:  

(Instructions are in the “how to log on” document on the Yale website under “student portal”)

You can review your choices and look at teacher recommendations by clicking on the “Exit Entry Mode” link on the main page.  Go to the “My Info” tab on the top then to the “Requests” tab on the left-hand side.

Number of courses chosen. Please don’t pay any attention to the number of credits here.

Use the pull-down menu or the arrow to get to the next page of choices.  Click on the “Select” button by each subject area. Follow the directions and make your course choices by clicking on the square beside the course.  When you have chosen all the courses you want in that subject area, click “OK” at the bottom.

You must also choose two (2) alternate choices using the alternate selection box.  To undo a choice, go back and un-click the box beside the course, then make your new choice. Once you have made all your choices, scroll down and hit the “Post” box. You can still go back in and make changes until the cut-off date.

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