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Reports Cards and Attendance


Log on to MyEd BC:  

(Instructions are in the “how to log on” document on the Yale website under “student portal”)



When report cards have been posted to the student portal, it will appear as a PDF file under “Published Reports” on the top right-hand side of the page.    

Open the PDF file and view the report card. 

Important: Please save the PDF to your computer or print the report card.  This will be the only report card you receive, and it will only be available on this platform for 3 weeks. 



If your child is eligible for an Honour Roll Certificate, it will be delivered to your email within a month after the Report Card goes out. 

Honour Roll Criteria

Honour Roll will be calculated each semester, using final marks for semestered courses and average marks for year-long courses.

NOTE: Students are not eligible for Honour Roll if they do not carry a full course load.  

  • Students must have a 72.5 or higher average  
  • Students may not have a failing grade in any class  
  • Students must have a G or an S in the work habit column for all courses (an N work habit will disqualify you) 
  • Students must have a minimum of three courses to qualify. (Exception for students whose third class has no marks in that term (musical theatre, junior leadership, etc.)  
  • Distributed learning or online courses that are completed within the semester will be included in the calculation if the mark is available when Honour Roll is calculated. 



Attendance information can be found under “My Info”on the top and “Attendance” on the side tab.