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Grad Transitions Night School Info

Instructions for Graduation Transitions Yale Night School (GT Night School):

1.  Letter sent to Gr. 11 homes via email GTParentletterSigned2019.pdf

2.  Graduation Transitions Night School Assembly  GT Night school Registration Assembly.pdf

3.  Signup for Remind updates and alerts  Instructions to get Remind updates for GT Night School.pdf

4. Return parent and student signed GT Contact Information.docx form to Mr. Radons or main office.


5. Fill out Diploma Verification Form Diploma Verification (Transition Plan).pdf   Don't forget to include ALL your courses including GRAD TRANSITIONS 12.  Have your parent/guardian sign it and return to Mr. Radons asap!!

6. Pick up Graduation Transitions 12 GT Learning Guide 2019 - night (Yale ed.).pdf from Mr. Radons in Learning Commons

7. Follow step-by-step instructions (very carefully).  DO NOT skip ANY steps!!!

8. Email Mr. Radons ( when you have completed all the steps

9. Complete "Exit Assignment"Graduation Transitions Exit Assignment.pdf

10. Once all aspects have been completed and submitted, congratulations you are one step closer to graduation!

All course materials due as soon as possible!  Latest acceptance of completed work is May 31st, 2019

Mr. Radons Office hours:           
By appointment (email --
(7:30am - 8:00 am -- Mon. to Fri)
(3:00pm - 4:00 pm -- Mon. to Fri)