Lotus Program

Student Eligibility for Program

Students must be experiencing anxiety or socio-emotional problems that interfere with their wellbeing or success in school. Ideally, students should be willing to receive help for their mental health in order to achieve the best possible success.

Referral Process

Referral is done through counsellors, or administrators, to the School Based Team.

Purpose of Program

To provide a safe environment, free from all judgement, where students can feel safe to explore coping strategies necessary to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, all the while receiving social emotional and academic support.

Some Approaches Used in This Program

  • Access to a youth care worker

  • Provide mental health support and resources

  • Teach pro-social and socio-emotional skills

  • Act as ambassadors and advocates for students in need

  • Monitoring academic progress in classes

  • Communicate and collaborate with staff, parents, and other agencies

  • Actively assist any teacher experiencing mental difficulties in the classroom

  • Collaboration with Traverse (behavioural program) and academic LSS.

For information contact Mr. Brendan Ha