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Gr 8 Open House

Yale staff are excited to invite William A. Fraser Middle School students and their parents, and newly registered students for the 2018/2019 school year to our upcoming Yale Open House on Wednesday April 11th 6:00-7:30pm. The evening offers an opportunity for students and parents to gain information about Yale programs! 

See the Open House Schedule below. Please choose ONE of the presentations that you will attend in EACH of the five sessions in the schedule below. Each presentation is 10 minutes long, with 5 minutes to move from one to the next. A bell will ring to signal the beginning and end of presentations. PLEASE NOTE: Not every session runs in every time slot; plan carefully to ensure you can attend each of your desired presentations. Leadership students are posted throughout the building to help guide you to your session locations.

Yale counsellors will be visiting William A. Fraser students April 16th and 17th to guide you through the course planning process. To get a head start, you can begin looking at courses we offer attached below in the Grade 9 Course Planning 2018-2019 booklet. We also encourage students and their parents to review Graduation requirements at .

Location: Yale secondary