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Registrations & New Students


The first day for Registrations for the 2021/2022 school year is February 1, 2021.




BEFORE YOU START!!!!! - Please confirm that you live in Yale Secondary's catchment area before you start the registration process by clicking here to be directed to the District's school locator page.  In order to attend Yale Secondary, you must live in our catchment area or have requested and received approval from the District.  Please follow the registration package checklist.  


If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please email Yale [at] instead of phoning or visiting in person.


PARTIAL REGISTRATION PACKAGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Registration packages MUST be complete meaning all of the required documents are attached.  All registrations will be kept in order of the date received, but at extremely busy times, it may take awhile to process them and get back to you.  If you have not heard from the school within two-three weeks of applying, please email us again to make sure your package was received.


Please copy all of the documents required before submitting your registration.  Photocopying will not be done at the school.


IMPORTANT: If the student has a designation or needs extra support, please make sure that those needs are communicated to us in the email you send that has the registration package attached.


Proof of Address (Residency) must be provided.  It is a District policy that you MUST supply ONE document from EACH of the following two categories.  These documents must be up to date.


REQUIRED Document #1:  Mortgage document, Rental or Lease Agreement, Property Sale Agreement, Property Tax Notice, Utility Bill or home insurance document.


REQUIRED Document #2:  Child tax credit, current income tax assessment, vehicle Insurance, current year T4 or other government documents.  ***Driver’s licenses will not be accepted.***




  • Completed registration packages must be emailed (with the word "REGISTRATION" in the subject line) to yale [at]; please do not drop off the package in person.

  • The office will not photocopy any of your documents so please ensure your registration package is complete with copies of all the required documents.