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Registration & New Students

If you would like to attend Yale in September and are not currently attending Yale or W.A. Fraser Middle, please complete a school registration form (link below) and bring it to the school along with all documentation. Incomplete registrations will NOT be accepted. Once a completed registration is received, an admission appointment will be made with a Vice-Principal.

Registration Date -  February  1, 2018 

Registrations will be placed in date order with priority given as follows:

  1. Students living within the Yale boundaries;
  2. Students living in Abbotsford but outside the Yale boundaries;
  3. Students living outside of the Abbotsford School District boundaries.

All registrations received by June 15 will be given priority over those received after that date.  Please see registration forms (BELOW)

** In order for a child to be registered in an Abbotsford school, proof of address must be shown by presenting one of the following legal documents: Mortgage Document, Rental or Lease Agreement, Property Sale Agreement, Property Tax Notice, Utility Bill or home insurance document. In addition, one of the following documents containing the name and address of the parent/guardian is required: Child tax credit, current income tax assessment, vehicle insurance, current year T4 or other government document (ex: MSP bill).