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Who is my counsellor?

We have divided the school up alphabetically by last name into three sections.

A-G          Ms. Susanna Perry
                 (Susanna.Perry [at]

H-N         Mr. Cam Smith
                (Cameron.Smith [at]

O-Z         Mrs. Jen Wickmann
                (Jennifer.Wickman [at]


What do counsellors do?


School Counsellor Roles:

A. Personal Counselling:

  • peer, family and school issues (advocates & sounding boards)
  • helping students to develop skills for coping & problem solving
  • referral to outside community agencies


B. Academic Counselling:

  • course planning / course changes
  • graduation requirements / reviewing credits
  • accessing learning support services (testing, support blocks)


C. Career Counselling / Future Planning:

  • post secondary opportunities
  • post secondary applications
  • scholarship applications
  • transcript release


Accessing School Counselling Services:
Parents are welcome to call the school to make an appointment with a school counsellor or they can email the counsellor directly to set up an appointment. If students have a question and/or concern, encourage them to come to see their counsellor themselves to make their own appointments