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News: Monday, September 11th, 2017

Brittany Palmer Scholarship Seminar Coming Oct 2nd 7:30pm New Theatre at Yale!

Join Brittany Palmer of Unlock your Future as she leads students in all grades and parents through a step-by-step program for navigating the scholarship process: it is never too early to get started. This comprehensive presentation covers topics ranging from building your scholarship foundation to crafting a strong personal statement. Contrary to popular belief, students do not need 95% averages or international achievements to win scholarships. Through this seminar followed by a question and answer session, Brittany debunks common scholarship myths and breaks down the complex process into a manageable form. Using this program, Brittany and her younger brother Bo collectively won 35 scholarships totaling over $125,000. Since 2005, she has shared her story and strategies with tens of thousands of students, parents and educators. The Unlock your Future Scholarship Workbook ($25) and Scholarship Kit ($30), which are accompaniments to the program, will be available for purchase. There will also be a Scholarship Kit available as a door prize following the seminar. Through this dynamic and informative presentation, Brittany demonstrates that scholarships are indeed possible.